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Round 9: Team of the Week

May 24th 2011 13:05
Round 9 - Team of the Week:

B: Pearce Hanley (Brisbane Lions) - Alex Rance (Richmond) - Luke McPharlin (Fremantle Dockers)
HB: Brendon Goddard (St.Kilda) - Sam Fisher (St.Kilda) - Grant Birchall (Hawthorn)
C: Leigh Montagna (St.Kilda) - Scott Thompson (Adelaide Crows) - Andrew Embley (West Coast Eagles)
HF: Luke Shuey (West Coast Eagles) - Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) - Nick Riewoldt (St.Kilda)
F: Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles) - Josh Kennedy (West Coast Eagles) - Jonathan Brown (Brisbane Lions)

R: Dean Cox (West Coast Eagles) - Brett Deledio (Richmond) - Nathan Fyfe (Fremantle Dockers)
I/C: Stefan Martin (Melbourne) - Marc Murphy (Carlton) - Jake King (Richmond) - Joel Selwood (Geelong)
Em: Heath Scotland (Carlton) - Andrew Swallow (North Melbourne) - Travis Varcoe (Geelong)

Carlton v Geelong
5: Joel Selwood (Cats)
4: James Kelly (Cats)
3: Marc Murphy (Blues)
2: Heath Scotland (Blues)
1: Paul Chapman (Cats)

Melbourne v St.Kilda
5: Leigh Montagna (Saints)
4: Brendon Goddard (Saints)
3: Nick Riewoldt (Saints)
2: Nathan Jones (Demons)
1: Jack Watts (Demons)

Port Adelaide v Fremantle Dockers
5: Nathan Fyfe (Dockers)
4: Matthew Pavlich (Dockers)
3: Rhys Palmer (Dockers)
2: Ryan Crowley (Dockers)
1: Nick Lower (Dockers)

Brisbane Lions v North Melbourne
5: Jed Adcock (Lions)
4: Andrew Swallow (Kangaroos)
3: Jack Redden (Lions)
2: Jonathan Brown (Lions)

1: Brady Rawlings (Kangaroos)

Richmond v Essendon
5: Brett Deledio (Tigers)
4: Trent Cotchin (Tigers)
3: Dyson Heppell (Bombers)
2: Chris Newman (Tigers)
1: Mark McVeigh (Bombers)

Collingwood v Adelaide Crows
5: Scott Pendlebury (Magpies)
4: Scott Thompson (Crows)
3: Dale Thomas (Magpies)
2: Luke Ball (Magpies)
1: Sharrod Wellingham (Magpies)

Sydney Swans v Hawthorn
5: Lance Franklin (Hawks)
4: Grant Birchall (Hawks)
3: Luke Hodge (Hawks)
2: Sam Mitchell (Hawks)
1: Daniel Hannebery (Swans)

West Coast Eagles v Western Bulldogs
5: Josh Kennedy (Eagles)
4: Luke Shuey (Eagles)
3: Mark LeCras (Eagles)
2: Andrew Embley (Eagles)
1: Matthew Rosa (Eagles)

31: Jobe Watson (Bombers)
25: Marc Murphy (Blues)
24: Joel Selwood (Cats)
22: Matthew Boyd (Bulldogs)
21: Dane Swan (Magpies), Sam Mitchell (Hawks)
20: Matthew Priddis (Eagles)
19: Nathan Fyfe (Dockers)
18: Brent Moloney (Demons), Lance Franklin (Hawks)
16: Scott Pendlebury (Magpies)
14: Scott Thompson (Crows), Chris Judd (Blues), David Mundy (Dockers), Matthew Pavlich (Dockers), Jimmy Bartel (Cats), Ryan O'Keefe (Swans)

Player of the Week:
Josh Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)

In this modern day and age of Football, it is rare for one player at a club to kick 10 goals in a game. However, after Mark LeCras' 12 goal feat against the Bombers last year, Josh Kennedy kicked 10.3.63 on the weekend to help the Eagles smash the Western Bulldogs by a massive 123 points, which makes Kennedy's and LeCras' feat an rare achievement indeed. Kennedy started off with a flyer kicking 6 goals in the 1st half, with 4 of them coming in the 1st quarter. Has Carlton let one slip by, when they traded Kennedy for Chris Judd in that famous trade? Time will tell. He now has 26.14 for the season and is sitting 3rd in the race for the Coleman Medal behind Franklin on 32 and Riewoldt on 33. Is he a chance to become the first Eagles Coleman Medalist since Scott Cummings 88 goal haul in 1999? Anything is a chance, while the Eagles are flying high.

3 Things I have learnt.
1 - West Coast Eagles biggest improvers:
After finishing last year in 16th place and dead last collecting their 1st ever wooden spoon in the history of their club, the West Coast Eagles Football Club has surprised many pundits this year, winning the 1st 5 out of their 8 games, to make a claim as a serious contender for a finals berth. But what strikes me though, is the improvement in their skill level and defensive pressure. On Sunday against the Bulldogs for example, the Eagles owned the contested ball. Their defensive press is second to none at the moment as well, only Collingwood would be better than the Eagles in that department, making opposition teams very hard to score against the Eagles. Can they be the first club to make the finals after finishing the previous season as wooden spooners since the Brisbane Lions did it in 1999? You wouldn't want to bet against it.

2 - Is Eade's tenor at the Bulldogs under threat?: President David Smorgan had to apologise to their fans on the weekend, after the devasting loss at the hand of the West Coast Eagles, by a massive 123 points, which ended up being a record winning margin by the Eagles over the Bulldogs, which no doubt, would have left Rodney Eade vulnerable at the Bulldogs long term. Smorgan said at the start of the season that only a Grand Final result would be safe for Eade. At the current rate, they are far off the mark with wins only coming against the Gold Coast Suns, the Brisbane Lions and Richmond and sitting in 11th spot, it's going to be a tough ask and questions will be asked at the end of the season about Eade's coaching position.

3 - Can Geelong win the premiership and be a better side than Brisbane's 01, 02, 03?: At the start of the season, I predicted the Geelong Football Club to slide and just miss out on the top 4 spot, with the departure of Gary Ablett and an ageing list. However, 9 rounds into the new season and they're sitting pretty on top of the AFL ladder undefeated with 8 wins, which begs the question, can they win a 3rd premiership in 5 years? I think they can without a doubt. They are definate challengers to Collingwood and will be hard to beat. And if they do win this year's premiership, how would this Geelong team be ranked against the Brisbane Lions team of 2001, 2002 and 2003? I for one, is wrong about the Geelong Football Club, I admire the way they have gone about things this year and I wouldn't be surprised if they win a 3rd premiership.

Round 8: Team of the Week

May 17th 2011 12:33
Round 8: Team of the Week.
B: Graham Johncock (Adelaide Crows) - Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
HB: Joel Corey (Geelong) - Sam Fisher (St.Kilda) - Heath Shaw (Collingwood)
C: Gary Ablett (Gold Coast Suns) - Jude Bolton (Sydney Swans) - Nathan van Berlo (Adelaide Crows)
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide Crows) - Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
F: Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne) - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) - Lindsay Gilbee (Western Bulldogs)
R: Todd Goldstein (North Melbourne) - Josh Kennedy (Sydney Swans) - Daniel Wells (North Melbourne)
I/C: Ben Hudson (Western Bulldogs) - Joel Selwood (Geelong) - Will Minson (Western Bulldogs) - Callan Ward (Western Bulldogs)
Em: Shane Savage (Hawthorn) - Brent Harvey (North Melbourne) - Adam Goodes (Sydney Swans)

Geelong v Collingwood
5: Joel Selwood (Cats)
4: Joel Corey (Cats)
3: Dane Swan (Magpies)
2: Jimmy Bartel (Cats)
1: Steele Sidebottom (Magpies)

North Melbourne v Melbourne
5: Daniel Wells (Kangaroos)
4: Todd Goldstein (Kangaroos)
3: Aaron Edwards (Kangaroos)
2: Brent Harvey (Kangaroos)
1: Leigh Adams (Kangaroos)

Adelaide Crows v Gold Coast Suns
5: Gary Ablett (Suns)
4: Nathan van Berlo (Crows)
3: Patrick Dangerfield (Crows)
2: Graham Johncock (Crows)
1: Scott Thompson (Crows)

Brisbane Lions v Essendon
5: David Zaharakis (Bombers)
4: David Myers (Bombers)
3: Tom Rockliff (Lions)
2: Angus Monfries (Bombers)
1: Heath Hocking (Bombers)

Sydney Swans v Port Adelaide
5: Jude Bolton (Swans)
4: Josh Kennedy (Swans)
3: Adam Goodes (Swans)
2: Jarrad McVeigh (Swans)
1: Heath Grundy (Swans)

Hawthorn v St.Kilda
5: Shane Savage (Hawks)
4: Lance Franklin (Hawks)
3: Sam Fisher (Saints)
2: Jordan Lewis (Hawks)
1: Matthew Suckling (Hawks)

Western Bulldogs v Richmond
5: Matthew Boyd (Bulldogs)
4: Lindsay Gilbee (Bulldogs)
3: Robin Nahas (Tigers)
2: Tom Liberatore (Bulldogs)
1: Dustin Martin (Tigers)

West Coast Eagles v Fremantle Dockers
5: Matthew Priddis (Eagles)
4: Nathan Fyfe (Dockers)
3: Quinten Lynch (Eagles)
2: Mark LeCras (Eagles)
1: David Mundy (Dockers)

31: Jobe Watson (Bombers)
22: Marc Murphy (Blues), Matthew Boyd (Bulldogs)
21: Dane Swan (Magpies)
20: Matthew Priddis (Eagles)
19: Joel Selwood (Cats), Sam Mitchell (Hawks)
18: Brent Moloney (Demons)
14: Chris Judd (Blues), Nathan Fyfe (Dockers), David Mundy (Dockers), Jimmy Bartel (Cats), Ryan O'Keefe (Swans)
13: Lance Franklin (Hawks), Jude Bolton (Swans), Adam Goodes (Swans)
12: Heath Shaw (Magpies)
11: Tom Rockliff (Lions), Bryce Gibbs (Blues), Scott Pendlebury (Magpies), Colin Sylvia (Demons), Dustin Martin (Tigers), Robin Nahas (Tigers)

Player of the Week:
Lindsay Gilbee (Western Bulldogs)

Gilbee had the best game of his career for the Bulldogs on Sunday to help steer the Bulldogs to a 35 point win over the Richmond Football Club. He kicked the most goals of his career in a single game, kicking 6.0 in one of the best exhibition of goalkicking display I have seen all year. Bad goalkicking is a bug bear of mine, but Lindsay Gilbee's goalkicking on Sunday was a delight to watch. Not only he is one of the best field kicks in the game today, he is one of the best shots at goal and can the move up forward reignite the Bulldogs season? It could be a surprise packet for them. The win against Richmond was a much needed win, as the next month of football for the Bulldogs is a tough one, as they take on the Eagles in Perth, the Hawks, Cats and the Saints. The next month of football is crucial for the Bulldogs season and Gilbee will be one of their barometers to watch over the next month.

Things I have learnt this week:
1: You can never keep a champion player down:
Gary Ablett has had some knockers this year off the field and on the field, but on Saturday against the Adelaide Crows, he showed that he is still a champion. He gathered an amazing 41 disposals and kicked 4 goals in the process. In the 1st quarter alone, he gathered 15 disposals and 3 goals and it appeared that the Gold Coast were on their way for their 3rd win, when they led at quarter time by 14 points, before the Crows got back the advantage and had a solid win by 57 points. But the saying still stands though, you can never keep a champion player down.

2: The Match Review Panel incosistency:
There was some baffling decisions again this week from the MRP panel. One the non-suspension of players such as Daniel Pratt for striking Michael Newton and Travis Cloke's slinging tackle on Geelong's captain Cameron Ling, which cursed some stir up amongst fans in particular, given the controversies the week before when the MRP suspended Jack Trengove for 3 weeks. I mean, Ling got injured, as did Dangerfield the week before, surely Cloke should have been given at least 2 weeks? All the fans want is for the MRP to show some consistency.

3: Goalkicking inaccuracies:
This in particular is a bug bear of mine. Surely, with the game going so professional these days, everything has improved from the skill levels, to the fitness levels, but one thing that hasn't appeared to improve, is the kicking for goal. Geelong kicked 8.17.65, Gold Coast kicked 9.19.73, Brisbane kicked 9.12.66 and it's been quite bad throughout the year. Surely the players, need to practice their shots on goal more? It frustrates the hell out of me, when players miss simple shots on goal.

Round 7: Team of the Week

May 10th 2011 12:35
Round 7: Team of the Week
B: Ted Richards (Sydney Swans) - James Frawley (Melbourne) - Dyson Heppell (Essendon)
HB: Liam Shiels (Hawthorn) - Heath Grundy (Sydney Swans) - Darren Milburn (Geelong)
C: Joel Selwood (Geelong) - James Kelly (Geelong) - Brent Moloney (Melbourne)
HF: Robin Nahas (Richmond) - Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) - Mathew Stokes (Geelong)
F: Kepler Bradley (Fremantle Dockers) - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) - Colin Sylvia (Melbourne)
R: Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle Dockers) - Jobe Watson (Essendon) - Trent Cotchin (Richmond)
I/C: Jared Brennan (Gold Coast Suns) - Zac Smith (Gold Coast Suns) - Ashley McGrath (Brisbane Lions) - Nathan Krakouer (Gold Coast Suns)
Em: Daniel Rich (Brisbane Lions) - Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle Dockers) - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney Swans)

Port Adelaide v Hawthorn

5: Sam Mitchell (Hawks)
4: Danyle Pearce (Power)
3: Liam Shiels (Hawks)
2: Brad Sewell (Hawks)
1: Kane Cornes (Power)

Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans
5: Ryan O'Keefe (Swans)
4: Matthew Boyd (Bulldogs)
3: Adam Goodes (Swans)
2: Ryan Griffen (Bulldogs)
1: Heath Grundy (Swans)

Geelong v North Melbourne
5: Joel Selwood (Cats)
4: Mathew Stokes (Cats)
3: James Kelly (Cats)
2: Jimmy Bartel (Cats)
1: Darren Milburn (Cats)

Richmond v Fremantle Dockers
5: Robin Nahas (Tigers)
4: Trent Cotchin (Tigers)
3: Matthew Pavlich (Dockers)
2: Bachar Houli (Tigers)
1: Reece Conca (Tigers)

Gold Coast Suns v Brisbane Lions

5: Jared Brennan (Suns)
4: Nathan Krakouer (Suns)
3: Daniel Rich (Lions)
2: Ashley McGrath (Lions)
1: Simon Black (Lions)

Essendon v West Coast Eagles
5: Jobe Watson (Bombers)
4: Daniel Kerr (Eagles)
3: Stewart Crameri (Bombers)
2: Nic Naitanui (Eagles)
1: Jake Melksham (Bombers)

Melbourne v Adelaide Crows
5: Colin Sylvia (Demons)
4: Brent Moloney (Demons)
3: Addam Maric (Demons)
2: Nathan Jones (Demons)
1: Brad Green (Demons)

St.Kilda v Carlton

5: Andrew Carrazzo (Blues)
4: Chris Yarran (Blues)
3: Adam Schneider (Saints)
2: Bryce Gibbs (Blues)
1: Sam Fisher (Saints)


31: Jobe Watson (Bombers)
22: Marc Murphy (Blues)
19: Sam Mitchell (Hawks)
18: Dane Swan (Magpies), Brent Moloney (Demons)
17: Matthew Boyd (Bulldogs)
15: Matthew Priddis (Eagles)
14: Chris Judd (Blues), Ryan O'Keefe (Swans), Joel Selwood (Cats)
13: Matthew Boyd (Bulldogs), David Mundy (Dockers)
12: Heath Shaw (Magpies), Jimmy Bartel (Cats),
11: Bryce Gibbs (Blues), Scott Pendlebury (Magpies), Colin Sylvia (Demons)

Player of the Week:
Zac Smith (Gold Coast Suns)

Round 5: Team of the Week

April 27th 2011 03:27
Round 5: Team of the Week

B: Jason Gram (St.Kilda) - Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) - Dyson Heppell (Essendon)
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Round 4: Team of the Week

April 19th 2011 12:26
Round 4: Team of the Week

B: Dustin Fletcher (Essendon) - Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) - Rhyce Shaw (Sydney Swans)
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Round 3: Team of the Week

April 12th 2011 02:30
Round 3: Team of the Week.

B: Dustin Fletcher (Essendon) - Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) - Ben Johnson (Collingwood)
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Round 2: Team of the Week

April 6th 2011 04:29
Round 2: Team of the Week:
B: Corey Enright (Geelong) - Heath Grundy (Sydney Swans) - Josh Gibson (Hawthorn)
HB: Bryce Gibbs (Carlton) - Sam Fisher (St.Kilda) - Beau Waters (West Coast Eagles)
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2011 Round 1 - Team of the Week

March 30th 2011 01:44
Round 1:
B: Heath Hocking (Essendon) - Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) - Heath Grundy (Sydney Swans)
HB: Phil Davis (Adelaide Crows) - Harry Taylor (Geelong) - Bryce Gibbs (Carlton)
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